Wednesday, 8 January 2014

And the rain came down

The start of 2014 has proved eventful so far. Even more so up in our old home of Aberystwyth. I've watched the news feeling incredibly sad seeing the seafront being ripped up by huge and damaging waves. Had we still been up there I probably would have gone into town to see what had happened despite the warnings for people to stay away. The worst storms I ever saw were in 2006 when the prom got damaged but to nowhere near the same extent. We haven't completely escaped from flooding here though. Roads have been closed and fields submerged due to the Usk. I took these photos a couple of days ago not long after the worst had hit, most of the pictures are of Caerleon golf course, it really amused us finding seaweed on one of the greens. The cows were safely up  in the barns as the farm was quite badly flooded too.   

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Day One

The start of 2014 will forever make New Years Day particularly memorable. After a traumatic couple of weeks my Grandma died this afternoon. We are still in that surreal stage of feeling at the moment, it wasn't a shock but it is still a very sad day for us all. I started a new Project 365 today too, I went to see my brother this afternoon and this caught my eye in the dimly lit living room and it just felt right.