Wednesday, 14 May 2014


I find it hard to believe the last time I wrote was all the way back at the start of January when the country was submerged in floods. A lot has happened since then. We finally got the keys to our house at the start of March and spent the next few weeks carting our stuff from my parent’s house to here. There were fraught trips to IKEA, especially as we tried to be organised but their delivery schedules had other ideas. Many a bookcase was built in March and has been filled and will probably be filled again. We’re slowly getting the house to how we want it, I’m not the best at making my mind up it must be said so I’ve taken my time.

On 9th March we became proud parents to two beautiful black and tan miniature dachshunds called Ruby and Tilly. I have taken hundreds of photographs of them already and will talk about them in more detail in another post.

In other news my Tatty Devine collection is growing and recently I’ve made some new friends who love Tatty just as much as I do, hopefully we are going to go on a workshop in the summer together.

Work is still the same waiting for news on what changes they may or may not make. I can’t believe it has almost been a year since we first sent the application off asking to move down here.

I’ve got so many posts to write on all the things I’ve been up to since January, well since we moved down really but this will have to do for a start. Below are a few pictures from when we first started the great moving in and Ruby and Tilly’s first picture at home.