Sunday, 3 February 2013


February already. I find the time between Christmas and now tends to go pretty quickly and with Easter being that bit earlier this year spring will soon be with us again. January has been a hard month in work, it usually is but now we are moving into better times I hope. We haven't been anywhere exciting this month, saving our money for our two weeks off which is now less than two weeks away! I'm pleased that so far I have kept up with my Project 365 and my Q&A a day journal, I've also had a good clear out of my wardrobe this week which is something I will be writing about tomorrow. For some reason today has not been the most energetic day, probably all the late shifts I've done this week. I did find a new magazine in WH Smiths today when I popped into town this morning, Homemade with Love and I couldn't resist buying it along with the new issue of the fabulous Love magazine.

As I said above we have less than two weeks until our holiday. We are going to see our families and then head up to Manchester for a few days. Our trip last year was somewhat of a washout thanks to sickness so fingers crossed this time will be much better and we can get out and enjoy it more. Beyond that I have no plans for further adventures yet this year, we've booked our weeks off in work and now need to decide what to do. Any suggestions are more than gratefully received. I do quite fancy a trip to London at some point this summer maybe, last time we visited was back in 2010. This year I have a Taschen London calender which has probably prompted my desire to visit!    

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