Thursday, 8 August 2013

Review ~ The Craft Box Company ~ The Button Bracelet Box

I should be spending the evening packing. We made a start yesterday night and filled four huge black bags already just cleaning out one big cupboard. However I have been distracted by a lovely little project courtesy of The Craft Box Company. I first saw their website through Twitter last week and fell in love with the little crafty boxes they offer. What attracted me to the boxes is how they vary in terms of skill level, good for a crafting novice like myself! I also like the idea of a little one-off project with all the bits and pieces you need in one box, making it an ideal gift for someone who might be into their crafts or just starting to get interested and might not have all the things you would require to make something like a piece of jewellery.

When The Craft Box Company announced earlier this week they were looking for bloggers to review their current boxes I jumped at the chance as I had been eyeing up the £5 Button Bracelet Box. After being in work all day it was just what I needed to unwind and take my mind off other things going on. To a soundtrack of David Bowie and The Beautiful South I settled down and opened my box.

The box was strong and sturdy, surviving the trip from Scotland to West Wales very well. Here is what is included in the box

The leaflet is invaluable, giving clear step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and make sense. This project is quite simple once you get into it, perhaps for a more detailed one you may benefit from having the step-by-step in pictures as well but for me it works well for the bracelet.  

I was quite excited about seeing the buttons as I love buttons and would have a large collection if I actually used them for something. Here are the 30 from this box

Personally, I like the different colours and shapes but maybe you could have different colour options seeing as there are a plethora of buttons available these days, the possibilities of combinations could be endless, imagination being the only limit. I had little play around when deciding what order to put the buttons on and could have spent longer but was eager to get going.

The first one went on easily and didn't take long for more to follow

I found the process really simple to follow and before I knew it I had been lost in buttons for over an hour! The appeal of a small project like this is tremendous to me as I like to finish things once I start them and with larger things it's not always possible and before I know it I get disheartened but this was perfect, a lovely idea for a summer evening or maybe in the autumn in the run up to Christmas making them for friends, they would make super impressive presents when you tell them you made it all by yourself!

The finished article

With thanks to my husband for holding it up for me and modelling it, he makes a much better model than photographer! He was intrigued at what I was making, it's very much the type of thing my Mother-in-law would be interested in, she loves buttons and beads and the like. In terms of value for money, in my opinion it is pretty good. At craft fairs you could pay at least double if not more for a similar piece and doing it this way you get the satisfaction of actually making something unique to you which is the joy of crafting.

I was a bit worried before the box arrived if the bracelet would fit as I have large wrists for a girl but I am pleased to report it fitted with room to spare. I am very pleased with my finished bracelet, we are hoping to have a little leaving party before we go and I'm planning to wear it out to that, I look forward to telling people I made it myself! I hope The Craft Box Company come out with lots more lovely boxes, they make wonderful presents at superb prices and don't take up too much time to produce something really pretty. If I could choose a box I'd go for something similar to this but in necklace form as I'm really into my necklaces and have quite a growing collection. I'd also like maybe something with charms and having different choices, like different colour ways, oh the temptation it could offer. I enjoyed my evening, a nice escape from my current chaos and can't wait to try another box in the future.

*This item was sent to me to review, all views are my own*

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