Sunday, 4 August 2013

Time to get packing...

After a busy and very enjoyable week away in London I came back to a letter confirming the phone call we had when we were on our holiday to say we both have jobs in the new store we applied to. We can safely breathe a huge sigh of relief! I think we had been pretty confident after leaving the interview we had a good chance of being offered something, even if it hadn't been what we wanted but I luckily did get the position I wanted and David didn't get the position he currently has but the one he's been offered has much better prospects. Now is when the fun starts. Our induction is at the start of September, it's going to feel like going back to school when we meet everyone! I am quite excited but will be sad to leave the friends we have made here. It's the right time for us, we can't have what we want here, housing is too expensive for what we can have in Newport and we don't have any family so if we had a baby childcare would be a major issue and hamper any chances of progression for me. I digress as usual. We've got eight years worth of stuff to start sorting out and need to decide what will go into storage for a couple of months until our house is ready. Our current work situation could be describe best as tight at the moment so the likelihood of having any time off between now and September is slim. All we've got is 29 days. Our new house won't be ready to move in to until March or early April so we're going to be staying with my parents. If you're interested, here is what our new house will look like when they get round to building it

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