Wednesday, 31 July 2013

In July

July has been somewhat of an interesting month. We had our job interviews. At the moment we are still waiting to hear but should know by the time we return to work next week. I hope the news  will be good as due to the heat wave we enjoyed this month work on our plot has raced ahead so our estimated moving in date has gone from May to March. This has added a little bit of pressure to our situation as we still obviously don't know on the job front but we've been very honest about this from day one and because we have kept them up to date and they know the job confirmation should be soon they seem to be happy enough. The week after our holiday we've got some appointments to make to really get the ball rolling and sort out all the scary grown up details about mortgage choices and the like. I am excited about moving, just want the go-ahead to get starting on planning but fingers crossed it won't be long now, the time since we first decided to go ahead has gone quickly but this last stretch is starting to get to me a bit.

What else have we been up to? It's been fascinating seeing how quickly the allotment has changed every week we've been home for David to do driving, we've also been lucky to see our little canine nephews getting bigger all the time and enjoying going out for walks now. The weather has been so glorious for the past few weeks, I can't remember a time we've experienced heat like it. They say it will be/has been hotter than 1976 which although I didn't see, was pretty hot and dry by all accounts. Being by the sea we have taken advantage with a couple of Sunday night BBQs and we saw dolphins out in Cardigan bay too which was really lovely.

I treated myself to a few new Tatty Devine pieces in their summer sale, am now on major self-imposed spending ban to save for the house, I hope the good weather continues so I can show them off. Crafty Creatives turned one this month with a funky box of floral goodies, can't wait until we move and I can have a more dedicated space to making bits and pieces.

Finally, we enjoyed a couple of day trips. First we popped down to St Fagans and last week to Powis Castle, both were as wonderful as ever and the sunshine was an added bonus, especially at Powis as rain and thunder storms had been predicted across the area. I took lots of photographs too, something quite inspirational happens when the sun comes out and creates interesting shadows so I'll leave you with some of my favourites from the past month








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