Sunday, 21 July 2013

St Fagans

Wednesday marked nine months since we got married, scary to think it won't be long until our first anniversary. With bright sunshine and clear blue skies we headed to one of my long time favourite places down just outside of Cardiff, St. Fagans National History Museum. Although it was rather hot we found a nice shaded spot for our little picnic lunch before I headed up to the castle and surrounding gardens, leaving my husband on the shady bench. I took a silly number of photographs, as I always do when we visit, here are some of my favourites from around the castle grounds

After a nice cooling down in the Italian Garden courtesy of a sprinkler we headed over to the main site. I still really want to have a picture taken at the studio, maybe one day my husband will play ball even though I've tried for nearly six years now! I loved the sugar mice pyramid in the shop window, they definitely make me feel nostalgic. The little fairground was nice to see, they should have one like The Black Country Living Museum.

I think you can see how hot it was looking at the pig! David enjoyed his afternoon out but it was beyond hot by the time we made it to the end although you can't complain when you've got beautiful sun for photo opportunities so a little heat can be worth it. It was on a par with the first time I took David there back at the end of July in 2007. That day produced some of my favourite photographs I've ever taken, probably due to a combination of my love for St Fagans and the fact we were all loved up and it was our first time spending time together away from Aberystwyth as a couple. We've since had many trips but that first one will always be special and here is it summed up.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Particularly love the one of the butterfly on all that lavender :)

    Mmm sugar mice :D I've not had one of those for so long!

  2. Thank you :D the butterfly was being awkward and not opening its wings as much as I would have liked! I got some strange looks from a load of French children as I tried to capture it from lots of different angles and trying to avoid all the bees but I'm pleased how they turned out :D

  3. Aw, well, I don't think it matters. The colours of it really pop out at you on all that purple and green :D Lovely!