Saturday, 6 July 2013

On the Lottie

Only a couple of days until our interviews now, eek! I won't lie, I will be pleased when it's over but then the wait begins for news. We had our days off earlier in the week and popped home for more driving and puppy time. As usual we also stopped by to see progress on the allotment, this time of year is quite exciting as so much is changing and this week was no exception. I had some delicious raspberries and a couple of strawberries the beasties hadn't got to and also made friends with a lovely ginger cat with no tail. The weather was rubbish when we were at home and now it's the proper weekend the sun is beautiful, I hate being away when it's like this. Hopefully when we move we'll have a garden we can actually sit outside in without constantly being stared at by the neighbours as the wall between us is literally about three feet high. I may have started looking for bits and pieces to have in the garden, I have fallen in love with this amazing oriental pagoda although I doubt we'd have the space to do it justice! I would like a little seat with an arch over the top to grow roses over and have pots with lavender in around the bottom. I'm going to be on a mission to find lots of heart shaped garden adornments too but we won't tell David about that yet hehe. I do have to stop myself from looking at beds and sofas and the like as it's far too early to be thinking about those things but a girl can dream. As usual I get distracted so back to the pictures in question from the lottie

If I go to the allotment next week I will try and get some sunshine into the pictures but you can guarantee the weather will have changed by then. Oh well, such as life.

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