Thursday, 11 July 2013

Things I love Thursday

This week has been as busy as usual, we had our interviews on Tuesday morning and fingers crossed we will be offered a position soon, to me it went fairly well so we can but hope at the moment. If they do want us it could be as soon as 2nd September! That might seem a long time away but we've got a house to pack up and put into storage first, a task I'm not looking forward to as we won't have enough space to store it all at home. The prospect of moving doesn't really daunt me as it's something we've talked about for a long time, I think when we know it's going to happen and we have dates and the like, it will seem a lot more real. Anyway, back to the things I'm loving this week 

I absolutely love these beautiful camera bags as I've been on the lookout for a decent sized bag to put my camera in but traditional camera bags are a bit on the boring side, I may have already asked my husband for one for my birthday which isn't until October.

Beautiful sunny weather and being at home with my family to enjoy it

Just over two weeks until our London adventure :D

New lace dress from ASOS, a steal at £12.50

The new Rachel Khoo book, My Little French Kitchen is on pre-order on amazon, look forward to October when it's released :D

Hoping to have a BBQ on the beach on Sunday evening if this weather holds

Picota Cherries yum yum yum

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