Thursday, 25 July 2013

Powis Castle

I first visited Powis Castle near Welshpool back in early summer 2006. We have been pretty much every year since, seeing it in spring through to the end of July and August. Powis looks like your typical medieval castle which is exactly how it started life and has constantly evolved like many other great homes that are now under the care of the National Trust. The garden is particularly famous with both French and Italian influences as seen in the orangery and the beautifully created terraces adorned with statues. On Tuesday we met David's parents and sister Holly there for the day, we were incredibly lucky with the weather despite packing raincoats and umbrellas which stayed firmly in the boot. One of my highlights was seeing the baby peacock especially in light of the arrival of the Royal Baby the previous day. As usual I fell in love with the garden furniture in the shop, if only my car had been big enough I would have been very tempted by the Fallen Fruits seat, I can already imagine the sweet peas climbing up it! Hopefully when we move I'll be able to have something like it. With the weather on our side I was able to take lots and lots of photographs, here are some of my favourites

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