Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A very Aberystwyth Christmas

Just a quick post today, hope Christmas has been wonderful whatever you have been doing. This is the first time myself and the now husband have spent Christmas day together, it did feel a bit strange this morning as Tuesday is normally our day off so was like a normal day off until we stumbled into the living room and saw all the lovely pressies under the tree.

My mum got us some lovely bits and pieces from TK Maxx, will share more later. My favourite presents from my beloved were a Hello Kitty from Build-a-bear (I am a tad obsessed with them), a subscription to Vogue and Coco Mademoiselle. It has been really nice not to have to go anywhere or do anything except decide what time to have dinner. The turkey was delicious and there are lots of leftovers for nice sandwiches tomorrow.

I spent this afternoon looking at the sales online in search of bargains. I ordered some more nice things from the dotcomgiftshop, I got the tea light holders you can see in the photo above from there last month I think or was it earlier this month? Anyway, so I've got those to look forward to and I'm currently on the hunt for more good deals. I'm not someone who queues outside shops at silly times of the morning though, would much rather do all my searching around online, I know some people prefer going to the shop but living here it can be a bit difficult to do that if we don't have it in town.

I enjoy decorating the house at Christmas, hopefully this time next year we might have a house of our own but only time will tell. For some reason blogger is being difficult and not letting me upload any more photos at the moment so will have to post more photos later. Off to settle down for Call the Midwife and Downtown now :D

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