Sunday, 8 September 2013

Going back to my roots

We survived our first week in the new jobs! Although our jobs are with the same company we have moved regions and discovered a refreshing outlook in the way things are being done. Over the past few years it just hasn't been the same here but moving has made me feel a lot more positive about the future, not only in work but in a better life for us. This is the last blog post I'll write here before the computer gets back up in the great move which we are going to be undertaking later today. I'm surrounded by banana boxes and a vast array of bags full of our treasured little collections, the van is here and so we've got to get loading. I think wholeheartedly we've made the right decision, I perhaps think we should have done it last year or maybe the one before but everything has fallen into place and the time is right. The people I've met over the last week have been nothing but short of fantastic and really inspiring with their knowledge and experience with the same desire we have for a new challenge, I can't wait to spend more time getting to know them and working with them. That isn't to say I'm not going to miss my now former colleagues as I've worked with some for over five years, I hope I feel the same way about my new friends as time progresses. 

Apart from work we haven't really done anything particularly interesting this week. We popped into site and saw how much progress they've made on our house, work is moving upwards and we are told they hope to have the roof on by Christmas! March will soon be here and we'll be moving in fingers crossed as we've got to start applying for the mortgage soon. The allotment is slowly starting to settle down ready for autumn but we've still got lots of beans, blackberries, marrows and tomatoes to enjoy before then. Hopefully after this weekend we will only have to pop up next weekend to finish off and we will officially no longer live in Aberystwyth, the escape will be complete! As I've previously said I might not be around much over the next few weeks or so but I'll be back soon.  


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