Wednesday, 24 September 2014

New challenges

I find it hard to believe an entire summer has pretty much passed us by and I've not posted at all. We haven't done anything particularly exciting this summer just walks with the girls and the odd day out here and there. Our work restructure has happened and I'm pleased to say I still have a job! Doing very much the same role as I currently do but with a little bit more. This will be a challenge as it is going to require a new way of working which we have yet to be told about as our training doesn't start until early next month. I also made the decision to go back to college at the start of September to do a CIPD Human Resources course as I helped out in work doing a training audit and thought it was quite interesting. I need a new challenge career wise and this year long course may well help me in finding something I can really contribute and make a difference to more than the role I have. 

Ruby and Tilly are almost nine months old already! For such little creatures they have huge personalities and they are so different. 

We took them away to Fishguard back at the start of July for two weeks. Despite a little bit of sickness due to salt water drinking they had a brilliant time exploring the harbour and running around on the beach. They had more than their fair share of attention and always made sure they were heard. 

As you can see they enjoyed swimming! Hopefully we will venture down again in the near future as the girls had a wonderful time.
Another challenge I have taken part in over the summer is linked to my love for a certain iconic British jewellery brand. I've spoken on here how much I love Tatty Devine and my collection has grown over the last year and I now have pieces I only dreamt of having this time last year. Every year Tatty have a lucky dip box weekend and a sample sale. Unfortunately I couldn't go to the sample sale but I did get some lucky dip boxes. Most of the items I got weren't me but I was able to swap with some ladies who were after them and I got some treasures in return including the paisley rose ring and a red cocktail umbrella! With all this trading and swapping around Instagram and Twitter were buzzing with people looking for certain pieces and I got talking to Jess and Ruby at first then before too long we had our own little group along with Tracey and Sam where we discuss all things Tatty. This all started back in May and eventually we managed to book a private workshop at the Brick Lane shop to make forget-me-not necklaces on the last day of August. Jess posed a challenge that for July and August we wear a different piece of Tatty every day in the run up to our workshop. This was a great challenge, especially with the summer sale and some of the goodies I got I desperately wanted to wear again but I stuck to it. Having more than two months worth of pieces I, along with Jess, have kept going with the determination I will wear every piece I have. That got me thinking and I have decided to attempt to wear Tatty every day for a year. I don't have 365 pieces before you ask so there are going to be repeats but I think it's a good challenge. I'm planning a couple of Tatty blog posts at the moment with more details about our workshop and the visit to the South Bank Centre for their birthday celebrations. Here is my collection as it was, I've since added

I currently have 124 pieces but I will be selling a few after I complete the challenge to wear everything I have. So yes, that's what I've been up to since I last posted, enjoying spending time with my girls and Tatty Devine, sometimes the two loves combine

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