Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tatty Devine Challenge Part One

In my previous post I wrote about the Tatty Devine challenge I took part in over the summer in the run up to our workshop last month. The idea was simple, wear a different piece every day in July and August. Since then I have decided to try and go for a year wearing Tatty every day posting my shots on Instagram. Today is day 86 already! I thought I would share what I've worn so far and list the pieces if anyone is interested or wants to know. All these have been taken from Instagram edited version and I've listed below the days in order of what I wore although they might not be in the exact same order in the pictures if that makes sense.  

  1. Blue forget me not necklace, appropriate considering our workshop! 2014
  2. Lotus necklace from SS13
  3. Blue striped anchor necklace from the JPG Barbican collaboration 2014
  4. Scallop shell pendant necklace from SS14
  5. Red London Bus from the Year of the Bus collaboration 2014
  6. Gold mermaid necklace SS14 Contemporary
  7. Single goddess hand SS13
  8. Small aqua parakeet SS14 Contemporary
  9. Ginger Siamese cat necklace
  10. Silver horse and carriage necklace

  1. Large red white and blue bunting necklace from this years lucky dip box
  2. Gold Statement Spaceship SS14
  3. Large opal La Luna necklace AW13
  4. Rock pool statement necklace SS14 Contemporary
  5. Medium bubbles necklace SS14 only made in very limited numbers
  6. Autumn leaves link necklace
  7. Opal Ruffle SS14
  8. Blue Seashells SS14 a real bargain in the sale from £165 to £30
  9. Goddess hands strand SS13
  10. Mission control necklace SS14

  1. Large pink lobster, for the Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House
  2. Large white acid cherry blossom SS13
  3. Pastel Mexican embroidery necklace SS14 Contemporary
  4. Strawberry Patch necklace SS14 Contemporary
  5. Eley Kishimoto snake necklace collaboration
  6. Red cocktail umbrella SS10
  7. Sky lab rabbit necklace AW13
  8. Opal Seashells SS14
  9. White Tiger necklace
  10. Unicorn charm necklace for Bestival collaboration 2013
Next thirty coming soon!

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