Friday, 26 September 2014

Tatty Devine Challenge Part Two

Onto the next thirty days of the Tatty Devine challenge!

  1. Medium paisley rose necklace AW12
  2. Amber planet necklace AW13
  3. Girl on a swing necklace
  4. Head in the clouds rainbow AW13, one of my all time favourites
  5. Red Heart Lolly, the first Tatty piece I bought from eBay
  6. Small red grapes necklace AW12
  7. Red Mexican embroidery necklace, exclusive to House of Fraser 2014
  8. Small radiance necklace SS13
  9. Ruby Slippers, bought from Ruby!
  10. Large Gold La Luna necklace AW13

  1. Red Heart Glittery ring
  2. Ariel name necklace in translucent ocean with iridescent charm SS14 colour way
  3. Statement seashells necklace SS14
  4. Scallop shells statement necklace SS14
  5. Scallop shell ring SS14
  6. Small white acid cherry blossom SS13
  7. Can can legs JPG Barbican collaboration 2014
  8. Paisley rose ring AW12
  9. Small printed shells SS14
  10. Charlotte Olympia Mermaid exclusive 2011

  1. Emerald gem necklace AW13
  2. Small fortune teller hand AW14
  3. Ghost necklace
  4. Black horse and carriage necklace
  5. Red glittery lobster necklace Christmas 2013
  6. Trio of autumn leaves necklace
  7. Rainydays necklace
  8. Teeth necklace
  9. Triple plectrum necklace
  10. Moustache, bow tie and heart rings
Will post the most up to date thirty once I've reached day 90 in a couple of days time!

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