Sunday, 9 June 2013

One Wet June Weekend in 2012...

This time last year we were part of a small team who battled and succeeded in keeping the water out of our store. Most people fled but some of us stayed, meaning we were only the only shop on the retail park that didn't need to be closed for weeks due to flood damage. I am proud of what we achieved that day. I remember looking out of the cafĂ© window onto the car park and watching as the water started creeping closer towards the doors and how despite this customers were still trying to make their way in even though the roundabout was pretty deep in water so they could barely make it into the car park to start with! Heavy rain combined with high spring tides was always going to be a dangerous combination. After the store closed and the last of the customers escorted back to their cars the battle began, throwing whatever we had at the doors to stop the water and continually mopping up. This went on for a good few hours until the middle of the afternoon when the tide changed and the levels dropped so we could actually make it out. The sun came out too as we made our way home, we still couldn't walk along the path we would usually take so had to walk all the way into town first. You can see how forceful the water had been in one of the pictures below, the branch wedged into the railing on the bridge. I think it's one of the those we will never forget.

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