Sunday, 13 January 2013

365 Explored

This week has gone quite quickly, only another five to go and we've got a two week holiday! It hasn't been the greatest week in work but I won't dwell on that but look on the positive side as this week two of my 365 photos have appeared in Flickr's Explore and I'm absolutely thrilled. The first one is piggy, he was a Christmas present for my husband, he loves little novelty presents although his favourite would be the potato shaped scrubby brush I once bought him. Here is piggy in all his pink glory

Wednesday was a terrible day so to cheer me up we headed into town for lunch and a spot of seafront photography. The one thing I really miss about living in town is being a two minute walk away from the seafront, it has to be my favourite place in Aberystwyth and the one I would miss the most if/when we move. When I lived in halls I was lucky enough to have rooms with a sea view so I have many beautiful sunset photos and sunset is still my favourite time to go out. My second Explore is a typical Aberystwyth winter afternoon

I wish I had more opportunity to get out and take photos in day light but at the moment time isn't on my side, sometimes I start work in the dark and by the time I finish the sun has already set and darkness and cold has crept in. Hence looking forward to two weeks off soon and the thought of lighter days ahead. We are going to visit Manchester again as we were both too ill to actually enjoy the places we went to last year.  

I'm currently bidding on a few film cameras on eBay, I fancy a new film challenge in the summer and want to try out some different cameras to include in my 365 as I haven't shot any film since almost this time last year. As of yet I have no plans for the summer except to take lots of photos and visit places I find inspiring like St Fagans which is an open air museum not far from Cardiff, I've lost count of the number of times I've been but always find something new to take pictures of.  

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