Sunday, 20 January 2013

This week

I can't believe we are nearly three weeks into 2013! Only a few weeks now until we are off on a little city break to Manchester and going back to see family. This week has gone particularly quickly and now here I am on Sunday afternoon listening to a bit of David Bowie and reflecting back. Tuesday is our usual day off together and we headed into town for a wander around, not really looking for anything but stopping off for a hot chocolate and muffin in Costa.

I normally only go to Costa on day trips to Birmingham but we were quite cold so it was good for a little warm up, looking at the marshmallows is making me want some now hmm maybe have to go to the shop after. Snow was forecast across the country for most of the week and eventually it caught up with us on Friday, leaving us with possibly the quietest day I have experienced in work following the mass panic buying on Wednesday and Thursday. By the time I finished on Friday most of the snow had already started to melt and I thought that would be all for us but luckily we had a few flurries in the night and I was able to take my camera out on the way to work on Saturday morning. I am slightly envious of my family in South Wales as they have lots and lots of lovely snow but are pretty much stuck at home because of it. Here are a few shots of the snow, well what was left by the time it got light -

What else have I been up to this week? My first Crafty Creatives box arrived! I had been thinking about subscribing for a while and was really pleased I finally did, the Woodland theme is gorgeous and you get so many little bits and pieces to make things with.

As I've previously written, crafting and making things is something I hope to get more into this year and I think Crafty Creatives will help me, plus there are so many brilliant blogs out there by people showing what they've made, great inspiration for someone like me just starting out. I love the owl and the little toadstool beads, just need to decide what I'm going to do with it all now!

I may have been a little bit naughty and bought a couple of new film cameras on eBay.

I have been inspired by the beautiful photos Deb has posted using her Minolta, I'm always looking on eBay for good deals and found one I liked the look of and won it! The spring can't come quick enough, all I want to do is go out and shoot some film after a very digital last year. The Olympus Trip looks quite fun, it's only little and easy to carry around, looking forward to using her too.

This time of the month also means time for new issues of some of my favourite magazines, Mollie Makes and The Simple Things. I also picked up a couple of photography ones in town on Tuesday too, am thinking of taking out a subscription to The British Photography Journal as I had a leaflet with a good offer in it inside the magazine but I haven't decided yet. 


Hope you've all had a good week, whatever you've been doing and enjoying the snow.


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  1. Hooray for the Minolta! :D Hope you have fun with it and the Olympus one too :)

    I am intrigued by those Crafty Creatives boxes. Looking forward to seeing what you do with everything :) x