Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Sunday

Here we are again. Sunday already and another week gone. Can honestly say that I have achieved very little this week, the weather has been generally horrible and cold and I'm trying to be good by saving money before our holiday next month. Work has been as demanding as ever but hopefully I am starting to see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Just another three weeks to get through and some well deserved time off will be ours. I have written a few Postcrossing postcards this week so looking forward to them reaching their destination at some point soon, I hope airmail prices don't rise too much when they are announced later this year as it makes it such an expensive hobby.

We had our normal Tuesday walk into town and had lunch at the newly refurbished Spartacus hmm looking forward to the summer to have some of the ice cream they now do. Our usual is tuna melt panini and it was as good as ever. A brisk seafront walk followed. 

The seagulls do amuse me, sometimes they are more than happy to let you snap away and other times they don't stay still for a moment!

What have I got planned for this coming week? Umm not a great deal really, going out for dinner with some friends tomorrow, spending time with the husband and maybe going out to look for some new boots.

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