Sunday, 13 January 2013

Snowy Aber

Ok, it might not be snowing or have snowed here yet so I thought I'd look back and share some photos of when it has snowed here in the past. I always thought snow didn't settle on the beach but I was proved wrong back in 2006 during my first year, we even made a snow being of sorts on North beach one night but it was the following morning I took these shots after I ventured out onto a very slippery and cold prom.


2007 saw another snowfall as did 2009, here you can see the castle and grounds with a light sprinkling.

It actually snowed twice in 2009, the above are from the February but it also snowed in December but that didn't last long unlike in 2010 just before we moved from town out to where we are now, the snow was on the ground for weeks because it was so cold. I hated having to walk down the hill when it was so icy but glad I live close to work so didn't have to risk taking the car out. Here is the snow from 2010

We didn't have any last year, at least not that I can remember, and I would like some this year, if only a little perhaps.

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