Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013

2013 has arrived and now is the time to start the new challenges I have decided upon.

  • Complete Project 365 2013. I've done two of these projects before, both can be seen in my flickr but this is the first one to start 1st Jan and run to 31st Dec. I also have another little everyday project, a Q&A journal. In the past I've kept a line a day journal but have always given up when I got frustrated at writing the same old depressing stuff everyday. I hope the question element will change this.
  • Send more postcards. I used to be so into Postcrossing but have only sent a handful of cards since Easter last year, I suppose it's the old cliche that if you don't have the money you have the time and when you have the money you have no time! I still love the surprise of what will be waiting when I return from work, especially cards from my card pal, Szilvi.
  • Read more. I think I have this resolution every year and normally it fades away but I have re-arranged our bedroom since this time last year and I have got a nice reading light now so fingers crossed. I would like to pose the challenge of reading a book a week.
  • Get started on the baby plans, only time will tell.
  • Continue to blog and writing new posts about the things I like doing and the places I will go to.
  • Start the hunt for our own house.
  • Have a good cull in the wardrobe and sell some things I don't need on eBay to make money for things I would like

So just a few things to be getting on with. I'll leave you with my first photo for 2013.

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