Tuesday, 16 April 2013

52 Weeks of Film ~ Week 3 ~ Expired Beauty

Week 3  15.4.13
Camera - Pentax K1000
Film - Kodak Gold 200
Back in June 2010 I was in my honeymoon period with my Pentax K1000, one that lasted the whole summer right through to the autumn. I feel bad now I haven't put a roll through her for over eighteen months. This week I have picked a roll I bought in my local Post Office at home as at the time all I had was B&W film and desperately wanted a cheeky roll of colour to shoot one afternoon in the garden. All they had was one 24 exp. Kodak Gold 200, a couple of years out of date but having an interest in Lomography I knew I could possibly expect some interesting results so I was more than happy when they came back looking good. I don't know why I really wanted to take photos that day but I'm glad I did as I love some of these shots, especially the one of our tortoise who has sadly passed away now. This one has to be my favourite
Other ones I like include


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