Sunday, 31 March 2013


Another month gone already, 2013 is going to be over before we know it. So what have I been up to in March?

  • We started the month in Manchester on the last day of our two week holiday from work and I bought lots of new Lomography cameras in the shop as it was closing down, got to love a 75% off sale.

  • Took lots and lots of lovely blossom photographs, I finally finished off my first Minolta roll this afternoon along the seafront, need to get it sent for processing, am really looking forward to the results.

  • Had my usual magazines as well as a new issue of Kinfolk all about ice cream hmm

  • Crafty Creatives Box 9 was a wonderful Steampunk theme, lots of lovely bits and pieces to add to my every growing stash

  • Downloaded lots of new and old albums, I fancied something different 

  • Holly came to visit us and we went up to the National Library of Wales for the afternoon to avoid the rain 

  • We had a couple of Sunday night meals with some friends from work 

  • I wrote some Postcrossing cards and cards to my friend Szilvi in Hungary   

  • Bought a new Cath Kidston bag I'm still waiting for to arrive and a Sunshine Hello Kitty, the collection is ever growing!

  • Booked a few nights away in London for the end of July and tickets to see the David Bowie exhibition in the V&A, very excited about this trip and all the places we would love to see

  • Today is Easter Sunday and last night the clocks went forward so we've lost an hour, hence now it doesn't feel as late as it is, this isn't good as I have a 5 a.m. start tomorrow morning. At least we got a nice sunny day off work, the seafront was the busiest I've seen it for a long time. I will leave you with my favourite view today

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