Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Allotment Progress

I first visited my parents' allotment back in freezing February and then again when we returned for David's driving assessment. Two weeks ago we stayed for the week, I went over a few times to see how much had changed in those short weeks since we were back. The biggest change has been in the greenhouse, the tomato plants, peas, beans and radishes have all sprouted ready for planting outside. I hope to spend more time over at the allotment when we move, so many interesting things to capture. My parents along with their friend Bob recently acquired another plot which they are going to use mainly for growing fruit, David helped them plant some lovely strawberries. My mum staked their claim to the plot and painted the shed blue! They've also got this little white tent thing called a V-gloo which is for raised bed gardening and of course there are also a few blossom shots, I tried to take some nice photographs of the forget-me-nots but they didn't work out too well. All the shots below were taken at various points across the week, we're hoping to go back next week and I can't wait to see how progress continues.

Dad and Bob's new patch

The V-gloo

I spy a husband through the blossom

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