Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend

These days a Bank Holiday means very little to me as usually I will be working at least two days if not all three days of it. With David in work on Sunday after we both had full and busy days yesterday it does mean I don't feel like doing anything exciting, so I have spent the afternoon tidying up as this time next week we will be winging our way south. I still feel the same about wanting to leave here, a moment earlier this week has confirmed this. My husband works so hard but to our detriment at times which leaves me annoyed and then I get angry at him when it isn't his fault leading to me feeling upset for getting cross with him. All I'd like is a better balance or at least more for all that he does. Who knows if that would be case if we moved but I would be surprised if it was much worse than it can be here.

I'm happy the weather is improving and we are having lovely light evenings too, everywhere seems to be returning to life after the cold and bitter spells we had not so long ago. Apart from our outing up the coast and our lunch out other notable moments this week include seeing these beautiful tulips and white blossom out walking to work, I do love this time of year.

This afternoon as well as cooking a chicken with lemon and black pepper, I had a little play around with the fabrics I've recently bought for a new craft project. Here is a sneaky peek, excuse the creases I've not ironed them yet.

Now to watch Endeavour with David before my 5:30 a.m. start tomorrow... joy.

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